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Cynthia K. Brattesani, DDS

Dr. Cynthia K. Brattesani is fast becoming one of the best-known figures in the dental industry . A San Francisco native, she has written dozens of articles for professional journals and websites including Dental Economics, Dentistry Today, SideKick, and Women’s Dental Journal, and she frequently lectures at conferences on technology and at the two San Francsico dental schools.

Dr. Madeline (Madee) Pasimio

I am really excited to join Dr. Brattesani’s practice–a practice full of energy and dedication to high standards in our profession.

My three younger brothers and I were raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Both my parents are physicians and have taught me to always put morals, excellence, and safety first!
I attended the University of Pacific in Stockton and finished college in 3 years. I spent most of my Saturdays volunteering with children at the Stockton Shelter for the Homeless. 

Dr. Jasmine Flake, DDS

I am so honored  to be joining Dr. Brattesani’s lively and dynamic team! What I admire most about Dr. Brattesani is her ability to consistently provide the highest quality care for her patients, while pursuing her passion to stay ahead of current research and technology. Her practice is truly unparalleled, and I look forward to emulating that same enthusiasm for patient-centric dentistry and commitment to excellence!

We're A Team

We know that good patient service goes above and beyond pure technological skill, and that is why we have an entire team dedicated to providing you with the most comfortable, efficient and rewarding experiences.

COVID-19 Concerns

We know you may have concerns with the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). While we do not foresee any issues during your visit, please be assured that we are taking this matter very seriously with the health and wellness of our patients and team as our foremost concern. Every day, we closely monitor and analyze the developments and statements from local, national and international health agencies, including the CDC and we are taking actions to comply with the directives based on facts and medical science.

Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our patients and team.


Take a look at some of the latest technology we have on hand to perfect your health and smile

Imaging: DEXIS System

As you may be aware, digital radiography is a new X-Ray technology that eliminates film. When you have X-Rays taken in our office with the award winning DEXIS system, a digital image appears on a screen instantaneously. It saves time, but more importantly, digital radiography emits up to 90 percent less radiation than traditional film X-Rays. It's much safer than the old technology. With this new tool, you’ll be involved in treatment planning more directly, as we highlight areas on the X-Ray image digitally. You’ll have a better idea of what we’re discussing, and you’ll know what to expect. Digital radiography dramatically decreases radiation exposure, keeping you safe, and increases our diagnostic capability, keeping you informed.

Advanced Diagnostics: CariVU

We are proud to have incorporated CariVu, a compact portable cavity detection device. This near infrared light turns the natural tooth transparent, without ionizing radiation, so we can detect, measure and locate a cavity, a crack or defect. CariVu allows us to screen teeth quickly and, by creating digital images, to involve our patients in diagnosing potential problems. This revolutionary device is the first of its kind in the industry. Dr. Brattesani is among the first to have written and published clinical accounts of her work with this device. This technology fits our philosophy of conservative care, and helps us preserve as much tooth structure as possible.

Advanced Diagnostics: SoproLIFE

The SoproCARE and SoproLIFE technologies for screening and diagnosing cavities take fluorescent images of teeth, highlighting in red any problem areas. Diagnosing cavities on the biting surfaces of teeth has never been easier, and we enjoy sharing the high-resolution images with you, to involve you in your diagnostic process, or just to show you that your teeth are perfect! We can send the images out for second opinions, and they can be used as documentation for reimbursement from insurance or dental health plans. Moreover, our hygiene department uses this tool to show you specific areas of inflammation on your gum line and to highlight any areas that need attention. By highlighting specific areas and showing you high-resolution images, we can help you understand exactly what we’re seeing and better involve you in your dental health.

Anaesthesia: The Wand

We use a computer known as "The Wand", to administer anaesthetic to our patients. The Wand dramatically improves the numbing process by providing a more comfortable experience for the patient and by more precisely controlling dosages. The Wand, with its onboard computer and sensors, measures exactly how much anaesthetic is being delivered in real-time, so it can reduce the pressure needed to push the anaesthetic, ensuring a more pleasant patient experience. Your comfort is our primary goal and core value.

Restorations: CEREC

Since our practice specializes in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, we take advantage of technology, called CEREC, that enables us to provide ceramic crowns, onlays, and veneers, all in a single visit. And since CEREC uses ceramic materials, which restore your teeth to their natural strength and shade, we’re no longer limited to metals, like gold or silver, for fillings or restorations. This technology saves time, and delivers better results, to improve your experience and appearance.

Oral Cancer Screening: VELscope®

In 2008, we incorporated the VELscope® Oral Cancer Screening System into our dental practice. Often called “The Forgotten Disease,” oral cancer has not seen a significant reduction in incidence over the past thirty years. It’s three times as prevalent as cervical cancer, and it’s responsible for an average of one death every hour, every day, in the United States alone. While many think that it’s only caused by heavy smoking or drinking, recent research from the New England Journal of Medicine has shown a strong association between oral cancers and the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), which can be sexually transmitted.

Oral cancer is typically discovered in later stages, with a five-year survival rate of only 22%. However, if detected in early stages, that rate jumps to 80%. The VELscope® System can also help discover abnormal growths before they’ve become cancerous. A screening with this FDA approved device takes just a few minutes, is completely free of pain or discomfort, and is affordably priced, at only $20 per screening.

By detecting potential problems earlier, we provide our patients with the best health care currently available. The hallmark of dentistry is prevention. Our commitment is to go above and beyond the standard where we can.

3D Imaging: i-CAT

We are so excited to offer 3D imaging CBCT to our patients when necessary without having to go to an imaging center. This technology is enhancing patient care in ways never thought possible with a 12 second scan with up to 30 times less radiation than a CT hospital scan and depending on the scan even less than a traditional panoramic x-ray. Imagine seeing your teeth and mouth structures in 3 dimensions instead of a typical 2D flat image! This type of imaging is important for implant placement, tooth extractions near nerves, hidden infections and vague symptoms, bone health, airway issues and TMJ analysis. Our goal is to be a part of the amazing technological advances today above and beyond current standards.



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